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Founders of the A&P stores in 1859

MISSION: The Hartford Family Foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory of the late George Huntington Hartford, and the company he founded in 1859, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. Through exhibitions, newsletters, special programs and archive collection, H.F.F.'s mission is to preserve Hartford family history and educate the public about their significant contribution to American history. Established in December of 1983, the Hartford Family Foundation is an official 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization in the State of New Jersey.

Early Manhattan A&P StorefrontJohn A. and George L. Hartford in front of a portrait of their father (A&P Founder) George Huntington HArtford. Graybar Building, Corportate headquarters, N.Y.C.early logo

Administration: Avis H. Anderson, Executive Director
Board of Trusteess: Jeffrey G.Wrightson (President), Mia Switz Halman (Vice President), John Linnartz (Secretary/Treasurer)

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Yolanda Collinson, H. Nelson (Bud) Lewis, Cynthia McGinnes, Hunter McIntosh, Clay Pell, Geoff Robertson

506 Church Street, North Long Branch, New Jersey 07740          Tel 732-222-0330

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