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Hartford Arcives

H.F.F. maintains an archive of over 12,000 items.  These items consist of family photographs, jewelry, furnishings, awards, albums and memorabilia.  The company archives consist of photographs, trade cards and advertising samples, product containers, annual reports, corporate correspondence, film clips, employee records & manuals, stock certificates, equipment, furniture, oral histories and much more. 

The archive is continually upgraded and items in need of restoration are handled by professionals.  H.F.F. is often the recipient of donations from former employees of A&P who have collected items of memorabilia during their years of employment.  We have also been bequeathed family items when older members have passed away.

If you have a research request for the H.F.F. Archives or you would like to make a donation, call the office at (732) 222-0330 or e-mail your request here at our website.

The following represents a small sample of our diverse collection:


 Huntington Hartford meets the Beatles during the filming of HELP! on Paradise Island.

 George Huntington Hartford on the porch of The New Monmouth Hotel, Spring Lake, N.J. c.1910

Early tea packaging 

 The Harford House, family rooming house in Augusta, ME. c.1900

 Pauline Hartford traveling in Egypt c.1925

 Josephine Wrightson, Josephine Hartford, William B. Reilly, Josephine Reilly, Mabel Stewart, Georg L. Hartford, William Wrightson, Allenhurst N.J. c.1930

 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Hartford in touring car c.1920

 Greta American Tea Company advertisement

A & P Store Interior c.1928
Horse drawn A&P wagon
Summer home of Edward and Henrietta Hartford in Deal, N.J. c.1910
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hoffman on Atlantic City boardwalk with daughters Marie and Josephine c.1930
A & P dry food bins and product containers
50th Wedding Anniversary celebration of Josephine and George Huntington Hartford in Deal, N.J. c.1911
Cartier coffee bin clock
Huntington Hartford presenting commemorative clocks to George L. and John Hartford at 1947 testimonial dinner

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